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  1. Team TSI Announces New Corporate OFFICE
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Albertville, AL - Team TSI Corporation has begun initial stages of construction on their new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters to be located in the Boaz Industrial Park in Boaz, AL. Team TSI anticipates construction to be completed by mid-2018 and to ensure a smooth transition during the site preparation, construction and move from Albertville to Boaz, Team TSI executives have been working closely with the Boaz Industrial Development Board and the City of Boaz.

Mayor David Dyar stated, “We are excited for the opportunities Team TSI will bring to Boaz. Thank you to Andrew, Lee and Team TSI for allowing the city the opportunity to work with Team TSI on the new campus. Also, thank you to the Industrial Development Board with help making this a smooth process.”

“Our internal culture and how we've built our team foundation has been the key to our continued success.” Says Andrew Porch, CEO and Founder of Team TSI, “Our unique hiring practices, family first environment, future-forward technology, and focus on giving our clients a personalized experience have all contributed to our continued growth. This growth is the primary reason for the construction of our new corporate office.” Porch continued, “We are very excited to present the completed building during an open house in mid-2018, where the community will have an opportunity to see and experience some of the cutting-edge technology our team has developed and utilizes.”

Team TSI is one of the largest and most recognized technology companies in their respective industry, whereas Team TSI’s proprietary technology is used by more than 60% of the nursing homes in the US, however this same technology is also used by many insurance, financial, government agencies as well as in the past has been used by companies like BAE and many other department of defense agencies. View the Team TSI Announces New Corporate Office and Expansion Plans in Boaz (PDF) press release.