Animal Control


The City of Boaz realized sometime back that there was a growing problem involving animals. Due to these problems, such as animal cruelty, stray animals and failure to restrain or leash animals, the City of Boaz employs a full-time Animal Control Officer.

The city's Animal Control Officer responds to all complaints received. Calls are responded to based first on priority, and then by time of receipt. These complaints range from live to deceased, wild to domesticated, strays to unwanted, and abandoned to mistreated. The Animal Control Officer also patrols the city looking for violations of animal laws and ordinances.

Animal Control has many tools to handle most of the situations that are presented. These tools include traps to remove elusive and small animals to safer locations, and a tranquilizing system for larger and vicious animals.

Missing Pets

The domesticated animals that are recovered are taken to the Sand Mountain Animal Clinic on West Henderson Road in Boaz. If you are missing an animal or believe that yours may have been recovered, please contact the Boaz Police Department's Animal Control Officer.