City Clerk

City Clerk Duties

The goal of the City Clerk's office is to accurately record all official actions of the governing body and provide a check and balance system for all financial functions. The City Clerk is also responsible for the purchasing/bidding program for the city.  The City Clerk is here to protect  and maintain city records and archives. The City Clerk efficiently conducts impartial municipal elections and provides services to the citizens, elected officials, city departments, and outside organizations in a professional manner.

Department Scope

When in doubt, call the City Clerk's office for assistance.

Contact the City Clerk's Office to:
  • Present claims and other legal actions involving the city.
  • Obtain a copy of ordinances.
  • Request to speak at a Council meeting.
Contact the City Clerk's office for information regarding:
  • City Council Members
  • Leases and contracts with the city
  • City auctions, disposal of surplus property, etc.

Requests for Information

Requests for information may be filed with the City Clerk. An appointment may be scheduled to view the records. Copies of public records are available at a charge of 25 cents per page. Original documents are not permitted to leave City Hall.

Business Licenses

Business licenses are issued in the City Clerk's Office. A building must be inspected by the Building Inspector and Fire Marshall before a business license will be issued. Business licenses are issued for a calendar year period and are renewable each year on January 1.

Please view the business license page for detailed instructions

Sales Tax

The City of Boaz has contracted with Avenu Insights & Analytics to collect sales tax. You may visit Avenu Insights & Analytics' website, email Avenu Insights & Analytics, or call toll-free at 800-556-7274.

As of July 1, 2018, the sales tax in the City of Boaz is 9%. The break down is 4% State and 5% City. As of June 1, 2004, those doing business in the City of Boaz are no longer required to send 1% to Marshall County.