1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Our Goal Is to Read 1,000 Books Before Starting Kindergarten!

This program is for children between birth to kindergarten.

This may seem like a lot to read, but if you read just one book a night, you’ll meet your goal in less than 3 years! Or If you read three books a night, you could reach your goal in just one year! By trying to read one thousand books with your child, you promote early childhood literacy and provide a bonding experience with them. 

This is not a strict schedule. You can read at your own pace- whether it takes a few months or a couple of years to complete the challenge. 

Registration & Prizes

You can register your child online at boazlibrary.beanstack.org or at the front desk, then they will get their own library card and a folder full of the guidelines and counting charts needed.

As your child advances through the levels, we’ll track their progress on our level wall in the Children’s Area. 

Once your child finishes reading 1,000 books, they will receive a grand prize and we’ll add their name to our Wall of Fame!

Register online on Beanstack or stop by the library for a paper copy of the challenge.

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